Meet World’s First “Armless” Dark Belt Champ And Authorized Pilot, Rousing Millions World Over!



A life without arms is almost unimaginable, but she did imagine, and not only this, she conquered the world because she managed to conquer her shortcomings. This is the story of a woman born without arms, who is now the world’s first ever armless pilot!

While most of us tend to break down and complain about the hardships life has thrust upon us, 34-year-old Jessica Cox, born without arms due to a rare birth defect, rose to fight her hardships. With a wonderful husband as her pillar, Jessica can do all that she wants: She can eat, drive, type, write, enjoy outdoor activities, dress up, play the piano, and she can even use chopsticks—all by herself  with her “super feet”.

This amazing lady is the Guinness World Record holder for being the first armless individual to achieve a pilot’s certificate, and she is also the first armless person to earn a black-belt status in American Taekwondo Association.

“Aviation has given me the ability to challenge stigmas and attitudinal barriers that exist all over the world. Flying gave me much more than my wings.


“I was born without arms. And with all that I have been able to do without them, I can honestly say that today, if given the choice, I would not want the arms,” Jessica said.

The year 2008 marked a significant change in Jessica’s life. That year she achieved a feat that many can only dream of—she learned how to fly. But just flying an airplane wasn’t her dream, as she was determined to fly in a single engine airplane with a fighter pilot.

After 3 years of rigorous training, she was able to fly an Ercoupe with her feet, thus becoming the first ever armless pilot to conquer the blue skies! Sure, Jessica did not have arms, but she had decided to get wings for herself.


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