BSF Jawan About Their Condition & Kind Of Food They Get! You’ll Hate It! Video :-o



We get a peaceful sleep only when soldiers accept sleepless nights; it is because of them that we stay protected and move freely. No matter what the weather at the border is, they have to stand strong and protect the nation. Have you ever imagined what their condition is like? What kind of sacrifices they have to give? What kind of food they are given? No, we can never ever understand their condition…

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Named Tej Bahadur Yadav, this soldier says he is from 29th battalion of BSF in Jammu and Kashmir and highlights the bad condition of the jawans there. He says how the soldiers don’t get adequate facilities or food; although the identity of the man couldn’t be verified, the videos are pretty sad

Tej Bhadur Yadav

These Jawans aren’t able to air footages from the border; in spite of such rules, this Jawan risked his work and life just to make everyone aware. The authenticity of the videos isn’t verified but if these are real, it is indeed a very sad thing…

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